About Orex Media – Digital Marketing Company In Calgary

Orex Media - A Digital Marketing Company in Calgary

About Orex Media - Digital Marketing Calgary
[tp_vc_headline headline=”OUR PHILOSOPHY ” headline_size=”h1″ alignment=”center” underline=”on” content_size=”airy_subheadline”]We are a full service Digital Marketing Company in Calgary that offers all the tools you need to bring your business into the fast paced online world of business.

We have extensive experience in small business start-ups, from basic business development to online boosting for new companies. We also have experience with larger corporations developing and maintaining brand and public presence.

We believe in business development, not just certain aspects of social media, advertising or a specific marketing campaign.  There isn’t any template or formula that is applicable to just any business out there.  We start with one idea, it’s that your business is unique, and we have to let the world know why.  We want to get excited about your business and get you excited about the future.

So whether you are staring a new business, small business, or an established business, we are interested in seeing you grow.

We work with you, not for you.  Otherwise it’s just not worth it.


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Effort On Projects
How Much We Care About Your Business
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[tp_vc_service title=”Integrated Marketing Team” icon=”icon-users” icon_style=”highlight” icon_color=”#000000″ linktarget=”_self”]We can work in house with you to develop marketing strategies.[/tp_vc_service]
[tp_vc_service title=”Project Based Marketing” icon=”icon-user” icon_style=”highlight” icon_color=”#000000″ linktarget=”_self”]We can act as an external contractor for developing certain marketing campaigns.[/tp_vc_service][tp_vc_service title=”We Are Reachable” icon=”icon-phone” icon_style=”highlight” icon_color=”#000000″ linktarget=”_self”]We answer your calls and emails, same day, guaranteed! We don’t accept your cheque and walk away.[/tp_vc_service]
[tp_vc_service title=”Idea and Campaign Generation ” icon=”icon-lightbulb” icon_style=”highlight” icon_color=”#000000″ linktarget=”_self”]We have lots of ideas for new campaigns that would fit your business perfectly.[/tp_vc_service]
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