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[tp_vc_headline headline=”Websites – First Impressions” headline_size=”h1″ underline=”on” content_size=”airy_subheadline”]Your website tells your customers a story about your business, but if that story does not look good or make sense, they won’t stay. All the SEO and Advertising can bring them in, but they won’t stay if your site is not user friendly or looks unprofessional.

We build clean professional attractive websites that are customized for your company and optimized for engaging your customers.

Our Website Design & E-Commerce services are affordable and always look professional.  Your old website is loosing you money, so invest in a new face and build your customer confidence.[/tp_vc_headline][tp_vc_callout2 text=”Websites Starting From Just $450.00!!! ” linktarget=”_self” style=”highlight” linktext=”Contact Us Today For A Free Consultation” linkurl=””]


Responsive Website Design Calgary Orex Media


E-Commerce Websites Calgary Orex Media

We can do one or a combination, whatever your company needs!

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All of our E-Commerce Sites Can Be Integrated with our In-Store Point Of Sale Systems

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[tp_vc_service title=”100% Mobile Optimization” icon=”icon-html5″ icon_style=”highlight” icon_color=”#000000″ linktarget=”_self”]All of our websites are mobile optimized to ensure that your customers can navigate quickly and efficiently on the go.[/tp_vc_service][tp_vc_service title=”Website Management FAST” icon=”icon-retweet” icon_style=”highlight” icon_color=”#000000″ linktarget=”_self”]Change your website any time you want.  If you want a different image, change the text, or a completely different look, we can do that fast, quick, and low cost.[/tp_vc_service]
[tp_vc_service icon_style=”highlight” icon_color=”#000000″ linktarget=”_self” title=”Premium Flexible Design” icon=”icon-desktop”]All of our websites are built to look good and function even better.  We make sure your company looks professional.[/tp_vc_service][tp_vc_service icon_style=”highlight” icon_color=”#000000″ linktarget=”_self” title=”Affordable Websites” icon=”icon-dollar”]We know its tough spending money on a website, so we offer different levels of websites that will impress your customers no matter what.  We offer affordable websites starting from just $450![/tp_vc_service]
[tp_vc_service title=”E-Commerce That Works” icon_style=”highlight” icon_color=”#000000″ linktarget=”_self” icon=”icon-money”]We make it easy for your customers to go from looking at the product to buying the product in as little steps as possible.[/tp_vc_service][tp_vc_service title=”Clean Code” icon_style=”highlight” icon_color=”#000000″ linktarget=”_self” icon=”icon-upload-cloud”]All of our Websites are SEO Friendly and have clean code to load you pages quickly.[/tp_vc_service]
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